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New Light Commercial – Model DC units further complement the Daikin rooftop family of products and offer a viable, affordable solution for many new or existing light commercial rooftop applications. These units provide reliable performance over the life of the system with an outstanding 20 year heat exchanger warranty and 5-year warranty protection on all parts. Units are available for (3 - 20 ton) cooling-only or cooling with gas/electric heat applications, as well as (3 - 12.5 ton) heat pump applications. All models offer a variety of value-added features and benefits, including:


  • ▶  Light Commercial footprint fits many existing competitor 3 - 12.5 ton roof curbs without a curb adaptor which reduces first-cost
  • ▶  Durable, tubular heat exchanger with wrinkle-bend technology (20-year standard warranty)
  • ▶  5-year warranty on all components
  • ▶  Convertible airflow (horizontal or down-flow) to meet application needs
  • ▶  2-stage cooling down to 7 1/2 tons
  • ▶  2-stage gas heating down to 3 tons
  • ▶  Build to order - factory installed electric heat option, powered GFI outlet option, and many more options are available
  • ▶  Built-in filter rack with standard 2" filter improves indoor air quality



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