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Daikin Maverick® I commercial packaged rooftop systems (3 to 25 tons) are ideal for one to three-story buildings including offices, schools, libraries and strip malls. They combine the lower installation costs and interior space savings of a roof-mounted system with the operating and maintenance efficiencies of central heating and cooling systems.

Maverick I rooftop units are designed from the ground up with the latest features and benefits required to

 compete in today's market:

  • ▶  Ideal for new, retrofit, or replacement applications on low rise buildings
  • ▶  Lower installation costs and interior space savings
  • ▶  Economizer with low-leak dampers for reduced energy costs
  • ▶  Scroll compressors for efficient cooling operation and dependability
  • ▶  Two-circuit refrigerant design for high reliability
  • ▶  Easy access to mechanical components for reduced service costs
  • ▶  Non-corrosive, double-sloped drain for good indoor air quality
  • Totally enclosed condenser fan motors for reliable and quiet operation
  • DDC controller with LonTalk® or BACnet® communication for easy integration into BAS