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System performance and reliability make Daikin Maverick II commercial packaged rooftop systems the ideal solution for new, retrofit or replacement applications on one to three-story buildings like offices and schools, libraries, and strip malls. Available in capacities from 15 to 70 tons, they combine the lower installation costs and interior space savings of a roof-mounted system with the operating and maintenance efficiencies of central heating and cooling systems. Arriving at your job site as a complete package, Maverick II commercial rooftop systems maximize your design and installed cost savings. They also can add to your building's profit margins year after year with efficient, reliable performance, and a wide array of features and benefits:


  • ▶  100% dedicated outdoor air, VAV, or CAV operation
  • ▶  Scroll compressors for outstanding capacity control
  • ▶  Energy recovery wheel for increased conditioning capacity
  • ▶  Double wall construction protects insulation
  • ▶  Economizer operation with low leak dampers
  • ▶  Efficient, quiet air foil fans
  • ▶  Stainless steel drain pan for improved IAQ
  • ▶  MicroTech®III controls with Open Choices® for easy BAS integration
  • ▶  Modulating hot gas reheat for superior dehumidification control
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